The Huge Mistake !

Parents and other elders sometimes commit a huge mistake by creating high hopes in their children while wishing them “your life should be always easy and you shouldn’t face any struggles.” (Unaku vaazhkaila endha kashtamum vara koodadhu.. eppovume ne sandoshama irukanum…)

Though wishing them well isn’t any wrong, these kind of statements would create a mindset that life is going to be subtle and smooth and by chance if anything unexpected bogs them down, they would easily fall in to the trap of victimhood and become crippled with life.

Won’t you agree with me if I say instilling an attitude of acceptance and determination is what needed for the children to live a life with winning mindset and that onus falls on the shoulders of the parents?

What if we wish them, “even when life shakes you with the toughest storm, may you stay with the strong mindset to push against and move forward.” (Vaazhkaila enna kashtam vandhalum, ne poradi jeikkura manapakkuvam varatum.)

This may sound absurd and you may think this would scare them or make them to perceive life pessimistically, but no, only this would prepare them for the reality and make them understand that life is not a happy party always.

Equipping them to effectively deal with failures and setbacks by infusing in them a sense of internal motivation is the right thing to do as parents/elders. Let them be enlightened that they can’t escape obstacles in life and they can very well overcome them too.

Everytime when you wish your children, “let your life be as smooth as cake,” you are indirectly inculcating in them a disability to cope with difficulties. – Charvi Joy


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