Aftermath of Abortion

This poetry titled “Aftermath of Abortion” was performed by me in YQ Open mic, Chennai. I dedicate this to all those women who get disturbed by post-abortion blues.
This poem comes in two parts.
PART – 1
(Letter by a woman who had an abortion recently. She writes that to her unborn child.)
To : My Unborn Child.
From: Sinner Mom
Nobody knows I am the Sinner,
Everyday my soul gets thinner.
Nobody knows I am a horrible human,
Who crushed your life in the name of abortion.
You formed on our first try,
Hearing that he ran out on spry.
Though I had shed barrels of cries,
My parents forced having you was unwise.
Perhaps it was notjust lust,
It was not just touch,
Not just fun
Not just pleasure,
Not  just sex,
Not just  orgasm,
It was all … but a gust of unjust.
I got you scrapped off my uterus,
Only To save my family’s decorous.
I got you ripped apart in front of my eyes,
Despite my soul’s strong decries.
And now, When I get dreams of holding you,
 I scream inside in post abortion blues.
Day by day my soul erodes,
And I am the sinner, nobody knows.
(Reply from the child who had been aborted and it comes from Heaven.)
To : Mighty Mom,
From: Little Forgiver
Stop your guilty heaving,
All your pain is healing.
My life up here is amazing,
you saved me from materialistic craving.
It’s good that now you’re confessing,
For it will be an emotional relieving.
When you’ll start re-living?
Is that what I am really worrying.
Though my memories sob you incessantly,
Don’t I know, you love me unconditionally?
Though crushing me wasn’t your choice,
Don’t I know your wish went as an unheard voice?
I hear all your untold grief,
Bear in mind, sorrow is brief
Don’t dwell in a mysterious fear,
My soul is your forgiver, forever.
If you still think you are the sinner,
Please, then let me erase all your sins,
Unload your burden, my dear,
for I hate only the abortion, not my mother !
Don’t  you worry you had chosen Abortion,
 I’ll balance, I will choose Adoption.
Listen, I have become your Guardian Angel,
And kid, I’ll be your mother, you don’t need to baffle.

P.S: People do talk about Precaution and cruelties of abortion, still there are many unreported cases we aren’t  aware. Though we dream to prevent unplanned pregnancies and abortion, we should also not fail to deal with the emotional trauma of woman who had an abortion.

– Charvi Joy

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