A Letter to Her

Battered and bruised?

Tangled and torn?

Oh my dear, you aren’t a survivor anymore. You’re a crusader. You are!

Don’t you sense  something inside is keeping you rigid and  stirring up the ethereal fire?

May be the ruthless downfalls, or that bitter betrayals.

May be the unsparing defame or that barbaric bullies.

Don’t you sense  something inside is keeping you rigid?

May be the verbal cursings or those insane scoldings. May be the emotional trappings or those inhuman abusing.

Don’t you sense something inside  is keeping you rigid?

Even if there is love  inbetween you both, this ain’t fine and fair. No.

Love doesn’t give him the right to abuse you.

If you let this injustice now,  then it won’t stop it’s warfare.

Instead of licking your wounds, instead of cringing in pain, keep your head up and scream your voice out.

You don’t deserve to be caught in the controlling web. You don’t deserve to fall down in the dumps.

You are a crusader, my dear!

Don’t get consumed in the emotional thunderbolt, because don’t you sense something inside is keeping you rigid and stirring up the ethereal fire?

– Charvi Joy


P.S : I wrote this post #ALetterToHer for the blogathon series by women’s web to create awareness on domestic violence against women. I would like to read MeenaKandasamy’s “When I hit You” because it’s time we need to keep our chin up and voice out to end patriarchism.



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