Laya in the Beach

For the past some weeks, Laya was found disturbed over some thing.

She went to the work what she loved, but didn’t feel involved. She went out with friends for a day out, but didn’t feel uplifted.

Her thoughts were pre occupied with some sort of unexplainable fear and sorrow. She was enveloped by a huge cloud of negative energy and she tried her best to get rid of it it all by every means.

Not only Laya, at times, many of us undergo such gloomy days too. For unknown reasons, we would feel lost and low. Whatever effort we take to shift our mental state, it wont work.


Laya, then planned to spare some time to spend alone with herself. She believed pampering herself will help a little to unburden her baggage of negativity. Finally, she decided, going to the beach would help her to feel better.

Oh yeah, the beach! The sand. The breeze. The salt water. There is always something special about the blue beach.
As you step in to the sand and start listening to sound of the waves, you’ll start unhearing those haunting noises inside your head. So did Laya.

She dipped her bare foot in the waves that came to greet her. She stood amazed at the vastness of the ocean and let her soul wander with the distance.

After a while, she started walking back and she found her foot sticky with the mud. She scraped her foot on her dry chappals and shook her ankles for the sticking sand to fall off. Along with the sand that fell off from her feet, the internal trash from her soul fell off too !

Next few hours in beach made Laya to feel completely therapeutic. She sat down on the sand inhaling the scent of the sea. She felt relaxed. Eased. De-stressed. Pacified. Lightened. Revived. Rejuvenated. Sedated. Cleansed. Healed.

Yes. Visiting the beach when you are trapped by the negative energy can be really comforting and Ā stimulating.

Beach waters absorb all the negative energy around you and purifies your aura. You can unload all your negative thoughts and emotions in the ocean and return back to your home recharged.

Laya felt evident that salt water therapy is real.

Need to offload your perturbing negativity too? What are you waiting for?

– Charvi Joy


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