Why do you hold it tight?

One of my good old students spoke to me in a feeble voice. Let’s keep her name as Asha. She said, some people among her circle are gossiping about her behind the back and that’s disturbing her and also because of that, her self esteem has terribly crushed down.

Asha was my student when she did her post graduation. She is known to me as a cheerful girl who will take complete ownership of the work she does with utmost dedication. Also, she is highly sensitive.

And talking about being backbitten, not only Asha, none of us escape from that either. Smiling at the face and stabbing at the back is a filthy and familiar pastime of human breeds ever.

I replied her, “Asha, You should pity on them for they are down on themselves to face you. Did you even think why they do this only when you’re not around? Because they are the ones who lack self esteem dear, not you !”
She remained silent and the moment I assumed that she was convinced with what I said, she shooted her next question.

“How do I react, ma’am?”

Natural reaction to any gossip would be of negative emotions. It would be better to cut off the rising of such emotions as that could ruin one’s peace of mind. But I didn’t want to reflect my opinion at an impulse. I quickly travelled in to my mind and picked these words for her.

“You can react either by feeling victimized for being their topic of idle moments or you can wear a confident smile while seeing them that symbolically conveys ‘I know you dumb heads are trash talking about me and I just don’t care.’ Which one do you prefer?” I questioned her back.

There was a pause and when I thought I should break the silence, she herself continued.

“Yeah ma’am I would definitely prefer showing off that I don’t care. But.. What’s bothering me more is, what if they damage my reputation?” she asked worriedly.

Of course, gossiping is a chain reaction that can travel places with people. I really don’t understand what they gain out of this nonsense business. I thought I should make Asha realize those are the pathetic people and they can’t hide her true identity with their useless opinions.

“So you are worrying about the other noble souls who would easily believe those trash talks of such dumbheads and start hating the not-so real part of you, right? Do you even spare time for such stuffs?”

As I was gushing down the words holding my breathe, she stopped me by mixing a dash of smile along with her spattering words.

“I think I shouldn’t…. Eeeeee”

“Look, Asha. People are not saints. At times, they are imperfect to be dealt with and it’s just another shade of humans, that’s it.  You can’t control the ‘badmouthing show’ unless you confront directly, ignore politely or handle politically. Choose your take wisely, my dear.”

After few days of our conversation, she again texted me in whatsapp telling me “Ma’am, you know what? They don’t seem like  stopping their nonsense… Somehow I wanna make them feel ashamed ma’am. This is so annoying.”

I texted her back, , “Well, Asha, how nice it would be if we shift our attention only to what people say to our face?

Why do you hold it tight?

I think they are really not worth your time, Asha. Are they?

Understand, I am not stopping you from trying to make them feel ashamed, I am just reminding you it’s time for you to launch yourself to the next level, by not paying your mind to all these things that suck your productivity.”

“Thanks ma’am. Something I feel poweful now”

“Oh. All these days you kept giving  power to them and now you have seized it finally !”

“Ma’am !! You are sweet.”

“I know I know :)”

Most of us often forget that it’s not about the opinions, but it’s always about people who give the opinion. Being backbitten is no big deal if we remember this. There is more to life!


– Charvi Joy



  1. Good post Charvi, there are some stupid people who gain out of silly gossips, taking credit of others’ work, etc. The only good thing that we can do is ignore and go ahead in life. That’s the only way to silence them.

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