Kill those naggers with grace !

1viniThey will doubt your potential. They will secretly hate you. They will envy on your accolades. And dear, the world has got lot more people for you, just like them.

When you are a performer, they will focus only on your flaws. When you share a message, they will spread it for you, only after infusing their negative criticism. They will look down upon you, even if you have struggled to reach some decent heights. They are the ones who firmly believe that you completely don’t deserve any of the success what you are walking with.

But they are not your enemies. They don’t belong to your opposing team as well. They are much placed closer to you, in your own circle of people that you have earned. And you can’t avoid them. Even if you try to do so, they will be at your back with a consistent chase.

They will never get tired. They are omnipotent when it comes to shattering down your image. They are so very blessed with fellow gossipers who are always available to them anytime just to blindly listen to all the crap they spit, with wide set eyes and from there on, they will also be set to grab the torch and run against you.

Ok. Let there be those. Let there be that negative news about you in the air that’s going rounds. Fine. Keeping everything aside,  answer me now, why is that you are bothered, if they keep on disliking you? Why do feel insulted with their absurd statements? Why is that your blood levels rises to your head and your heart explodes when you sense you are criticized? Why do you skip your dinner and lay down insomniac? Why do you allow their misinterpretations to stay on the back of your mind and to rust your soul? Why?

Oh. Ok. I heard you. I know too. Being a human, these things hurts right. You get wounded. You feel pained. You feel broken. Fine.

But dear, what I have to tell you is, that’s all pretty ok. Yes. Pretty ok. That sh*t is not going to really kill you anyway. Certainly not ! Let them keep ranting the “down down” slogan against you. So what? Remember this piece of gem which I read somewhere, “Criticism is an indirect form of self-boasting”. So it’s all about them buddy, not you. It’s about their rotten vulgarity to advertise other’s imperfections while they aren’t able to actually fix their own.

If you internally feel that as they point out, if there are some flaws in you, even that’s absolutely fine. Don’t panic that they have spotted your weakness. Just because you failed somewhere,  they can’t claim a diamond as coal, they can’t call honey as salt water. To err is human. And remember, you can’t embrace perfection without errors.
Their destructive criticism cannot exceed your determination to pursue your passion. Definitely not!

It is so easy to destruct the image of an artist. But it’s very difficult to perform like an artist. You are a performer in your field. Don’t just mind the evil storms that shake you. That cannot destroy your roots.

And the good news for you is there are also people who weigh the source of news, than the news itself. There are people who appreciate the opinions and statements based on the constructive factors rather than destructive.

There are encouragers in this world as you have criticisers. Yes. There are people who can crush your self doubt with their motivation. Surround yourself with such unconditionally supportive souls. Widen your network of supporters and encouragers. And those criticising demons will gracefully exit, by themselves.


– Charvi JOY


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