OK. Here we go! Happy news. Soon we are heading to be the refugees of our own Tamil Nadu. Yes!

*We can’t call ourselves as Peace lovers anymore. Blasting bombs are going to be the Music we will hear everyday. Oh, don’t we need Bombs to drill that deeper mines to extract the so called methane?  Fine. Let’s not complicate. We will change and start calling ourselves as Noise lovers!

* Ground water Table will be lowered. Oh. We just need not care about that crap coz only farmers are gonna die. But wait! Not only for agriculture, even for drinking we will run short of good water. So what we do now? Oh, why can’t we start learning to live with thirsty throat ? We have got damn skills, man!

* Leaks, emissions and explosions. Oh Please! We will immediately skip reading that news coz we don’t belong to that place. We will develop a positive mindset and call dangers are acceptable. Simple!

* The chemistry of the environment will change and there’s a threat of drought and earthquake? Oh! What’s the big deal now? We will cry over it when that happens and move on.! We are humans man!

* The villagers of Neduvasal are in danger and even the domestic animals will be affected of that toxic water and air pollution. So what bothers us? Crude petroleum oil is the outcome. In short, money matters, not lives!

*Oh. But the residents of Neduvasal, youngsters, activists and geologists are protesting? Man! They’re irresponsible madcaps who are aggressive about saving our people and State.  But We will continue to sit back and watch. We will debate over social media that who’s the main villain. Stalin or Jaya or Modi ? That way we can be more responsible than them you see!

OK. Over all, there’s a reason to celebrate. We are the future refugees of our own State. How proud to say We don’t  even carry a little sense of belongingness to our own Tamil Nadu!. Why should we fight? Why should we bother about the lives and hazardous conditions of our own people and also the future generations?

We’re proud cowards man! We are done and dusted with Thamizh and Veeram. Now We will keep showing we’re highly united in keeping dumb over the depletion of nature. Damn! Now no one can beat us in the skill of digging our own graves! We stand out! Let’s proudly lift our collars!

-Charvi JOY


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