Google vs. Facebook. I choose Google. Why?


Do you scroll through your facebook newsfeed now and then? How many times a day? “Countless”? Do you see any malicious act from any of your friends that you surely know they wouldn’t have done in a public forum like facebook? If yes, what have you done about it?  Nothing but judge that person and continue surfing?

But one of my friends saw such an activity for a while from a person,  sensed something fishy and messaged that person rather being a dumb spectator.

That person is me. And that was my friend who brought it to my notice that I have liked some inappropriate video content which I really didn’t and when I saw the screenshot she sent, I could barely contain all the annoyance that was building up inside me and I felt completely broken. I wasn’t able to swallow in the shock and my stomach started churning. Anger, fear of public shame, irritation, helplessness and what not? All that emotions started consuming me from inside and left me distressed. Terribly distressed.

My friend further said someone might have hacked my account and just asked me to relax and reset the password. Not only that, she told me further,everybody  would have guessed that my account is hacked so not to worry.

For a moment, I was shell shocked and didn’t know what to do next. Then slowly gaining my senses,  I then opened the google and searched “How do I know if my fb account is hacked” and there were so many results that again left me puzzled what to read first.

Then somehow I grabbed the right information and literally was caught in something which I would like to term as “facebooking nightmare” when I learnt, your account can be hacked and your friends can see you posting inappropriate content like videos, spammy ads in the news feed which you didn’t actually put there. Sometimes it would show up you have liked some cheap and nasty stuff (which none of the idiots of dumb heads would do in social media) or they may also discover some spammy messages in their inbox that you really didn’t send at all.

OK. So I just analyzed myself how that can happen and in my case the security run in my fb clearly showed that some changes were made in my account and suggested to uninstall certain apps and to reset the password. So, yes, that’s where all this heck had happened. Downloading apps.

Whenever you download an app in playstore it would ask you to either sign in using Google account or facebook account. For quite a few days, I was using facebook account for that and everytime a  prompt came asking permission to access all the data (that’s usual with any app) and I agreed to that. But I never guessed it can even be misused.

I hurriedly uninstalled all the apps with fb access (adding text in images and video creator apps) changed all the security settings, set login alert and took a deep breath and gulped down a glass of water as my mouth turned dry while finishing all these process.

How would you feel if this had happened to you, if your most treasured friends and family members are so are active in your friendslist. How would you feel if you’re a budding writer and aspiring to write more and publish and your readers keep seeing you sharing the content which you’re not supposed to? What would you do with all those bottled up anger and frustration? How would you react when you come to know you’re  totally fooled by some spam which you have no idea at all? How would you digest the horrible fear that your public image has been pulled down?

I tell you, I am not a celebrity , (may be, not yet) a common person. A woman. A writer who posts all my scribbles then and now in my facebook wall for my friends to read. Where do I express all my agony?

But then,some of my digital expert friends told me that’s very common hack by some apps to increase the likes and number of visitors of their allied pages. Though being hacked is increasingly familiar, it wasn’t getting any less stressful. Joining in “I’m hacked club” is really a sort of distressing I say.

But then, yes you need to rise up when you fall and life is full of ups and downs. So, I slowly got rid of my frustration and thought, “why do I need to bother about what others think? If they really know me well, they would not judge me and if at all they do, I care a sh*t”.

So, the moral of the story is:

1 : Using your google account is safe (when compared to facebook) while downloading apps.

2 : Don’t keep dumb if you witness such thing from any of your friends. Put a word to that person. S/he might be totally unaware about it.

3: There can be lots of unexpected event that would stoop you down. But always there is a way to rise again.

4: Life is a mystery box. You don’t know what’s lined up for you next. The next target may be even you.

5 : If you’re really concerned about your fellow friends, you will share this story.

So now, this cheap spam isn’t going to stop the writer in me. I will keep posting and friends, yes, I would keep posting more and more for you to read and relax.

Safely enjoy facebooking! Bye.


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