Though we’re in 2017, still you need to believe women are even restricted to wear sleeveless in some Indian families…no wait, even to think about it !  You can’t deny that fact to me cuz  I myself come from one such  conservative family.

When I first expressed my idea of buying a sleeveless tee on a summer holiday, the rejection came out immediately without any second thought telling me ‘That’s provacative! You shouldn’t invite people to look at you!

How offensive is that to hear? Provocative? What does that mean? My thought process immediately went like ‘So wearing a dress of my comfort in a sweating summer can be provocative and boost the sexual urge of the male trespassers and they will want to abduct me to an isolated place and rape me, kill me and throw me in to dumps?’

Man! I didn’t ask of going bra-less or top-less, just sleeve-less. Can’t I ?

I then just thought of asking one of my male friends about his opinion just to have a hint of men’s perception of women wearing sleeveless.

Oh yeah, only posh girls wear that, I see many of them in the malls, you seldom find them on our roads. And they come only in cars’ he said. 

Then I also asked one of my female friends if she had ever thought of going sleeveless. “Oh! Sleeveless? That needs too much of activity. Need to wax ur hands first, then ur arm pits only then you can confidently head out. To avoid all that it’s better to avoid wearing it’ she opined. 

Along with these, I heard too many other comments like  “it’s inappropriate”, “immodesty”, “that’s a skin show,” it’s not safe” and that scared me to the worse and brought an impression that ‘men are perverts and so, I am forbidden from going sleeveless’.

I further thought, ‘I should have been posh,had a car and shouldn’t take public transport if I ever want to wear a sleeveless; else men will stare at me and get aroused. I should also spend money and time for waxing too often to make me eligible in the first place to wear a sleeveless.’

Uff.  So finally I just ended rolling up my half sleeved top to look like sleeveless in front of my mirror and damn..I just loved that reflection of me! How comfortable and what an air flow !!

This might be an exaggeration to you, but that’s my true experience and I know many women could connect with what I had underwent.

So, my dear men folks, grow up, please! Stop starring at our arms just coz some skin is revealed. We do sweat coz of the blazing sun and at least wearing a sleeveless is just comfortable if not for a spaghetti without a bra. We don’t stare at you when you roam in your vests and sleeveless tees and so, learn from us. Bcoz if you stare, our parents tag you all as perverts and if we wear it rebelliously society tags us as sl*ts. Though we don’t mind about Society’s remark, we do want to respect our parents emotion coz they genuinely worry for our safety!

P.S: I wear sleeveless now, after my matrimony!




  1. Its best to dress to the occasion in. When at a movie or mall, absolutely..wear what you want and comfortable in. When with older generation of family it doesn’t hurt to wear sleeved dresses. Why create unnecessary rift and heartburn.


  2. Agree with you..I never understand this concept of not wearing sleeveless as it is a show of skin or its something which can attract attention. It is a very common sight in summers and I dont think it looks cheap or vulgar or anything for that matter. It is all about your own thinking.


  3. Agree , when we dont stare at men roaming bare-chest or in their vest why women are stared at if they wear a sleeveless . Having said that,Its very difficult 2 change the cheap mentality of perverts, so as they say better safe than sorry ,dress according to situation.

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