Do you love your Alma mater?

I don’t know if you love your Alma mater.  I do. I always will. And today, something deep down inside, urged me to write about my love for Alma mater.

It hasn’t just given me education. It has also given me an identity. It hasn’t just given me a diploma. It has also gifted me a bundle of memories. It hasn’t just taught me the core subjects. It has also sculpted my persona.

It’s a place where I had experienced both miserable times and also joyful times. It has seen me befalling. It has also seen me evolving.

It has gently pushed me to the transition of reality from fantasy.

The affinity and passionate attachment I hold towards my Alma mater is unconditional and can’t be measured. That emotion isn’t either easy to explain.

Why I am suddenly inscribing about the love I hold for my Alma mater is, of late I hear lot of people trolling their own Alma mater and it is very much disturbing. How come some people fail to connect the dots of success to their own Alma mater?

If you’re one among them then the remaining part of this write up is for you.

How could you do justice by not taking part in the stature growth of your Alma mater and rather pull it down?

How do you get satisfied by trolling your Alma mater which made you who you are today?

Your institution has taught you discipline. Your institution has infused patriotism. Your institution has taught you to to think. Your institution has gifted you enlightenment. Your institution always wanted you to be better in life. Your institution has presented you a bunch of valuable friends for life. If I want to mention one thing it has terribly failed at, it is bringing in you the attitude of gratitude! Terribly!

You will love only if it’s IIT or Harvard, no? All you can do about your institution is only complain. Remember, you’re not only a product of your institution but also a part of it’s success. And I tell you, reputation comes from the product.

If you’re an unhappy alumni who hate something about your institution, have your ever taken an effort to connect with your place to contribute at least once after you graduated? No, I don’t mean donation. At least any suggestion? If you expect a change in something to be better, you should first stand up and voice out. If you don’t, then better keep your lips sealed because you don’t deserve to complain about dissatisfaction if you haven’t even expressed your grievance.

Do you know that your instituition has been only a dreamscape for someone who desperately wanted to join? Not everyone has got the opportunity of being there. Don’t forget how much keen you were too before securing your admission. Respect your Genesis. It has embraced you once.

Every block of your campus is not just a building of concrete. Each one is a territory that has nurtured zillions of dreams.

“Don’t let down the place where you have put down roots” – Charvi Joy

P.S: Before you ever think of commenting about my love for my Alma mater, remember I have been at both sides of the equation. Yeah, I returned to where I started. I have worked there for a stint of 7 years and definitely I hold extreme spirit of institutionalism and so much of nostalgia. So, think twice before you start.


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