It’s going round in the social media. It’s trending all over the world like wildfire. The hashtag #JusticeforJallikattu is now the centre of the online spotlight. The youth power in TN is rising like a massive, tremendous Tsunami tide with a revolutionary spirit to wipe off all the unfairness that’s been imposed upon the Tamil people and their traditions.

From Alanganallur to Marina in Chennai, a huge electrifying vibration has erupted and it has risen as a Youth Movement that’s led by the vigorous young population of the State.

Through the day and night, there are thousands of youngsters voicing out to support JALLIKATTU,  that’s been embedded in the culture of TAMIL NADU for generations and generations. Without electricity, without food & water, without political influence, more than 30,000 young flaming souls have flooded together as one family to fight for justice amidst the poor amenities. They are also voicing out for the turmoil of farmers, who are enduring immeasurable woes.

What is Jallikattu?

Not only for TN, JALLIKATTU is our national identity. It’s a traditional festival as a part of Pongal Celebrations in which people participate in the contest to embrace the bull by latching on to their humps or horns. The winning bulls then go on to be the breeding partners for cows, eventually preserving our native cattle breeds.

What’s the Issue Now? 

Since 2014 Jallikattu is banned by the Supreme Court reporting that this event is a cruelty against animals.

Cruelty? Really?

That’s totally a misplaced belief.

Jallikattu is NOT about stabbing the bull to death. Jallikattu is NOT bull fighting. Jallikattu is taming the bulls, that’s why it’s called Bull Embracing.

The entire event is ordinarily organized with many strict regulations and precautionary guidelines to protect the safety of the bulls. Though there may be few incidents in the past that depict some minor mishaps, a law was enacted by the State government to regulate the event in 2009 which is called as TN Regulation of Jallikattu Act. Following this, jallikattu went on harmless to the bulls with legal directions to avoid any harm to the animal.

Why We Need Jallikattu?

We NEED Jallikattu to protect our endangered native cattle breed. Jallikattu is the driving force for farmers and Villagers to passionately raise the bulls with utmost care and sound health.

Unless we preserve our traditional livestock keepers, we will one day lose all our native cattle breeds. We had almost 130 cattle breeds a century ago in our country, now it has declined to 36.

What We Need?

Justice. We need #JusticeforJallikattu. There is a huge political drama behind the target of prohibiting this event. Stopping jallikattu and losing our traditional indigenous breeds will set a platform for the West and commercial cattle units to slowly invade and dominate the diary market of our country. Already we are aware about the adverse health effects of A1 Milk. Where are we heading to?

Don’t we, the people of India, need to protect our country and ourselves from this embroiled Bio-war when our Government hasn’t taken any step?

Let the mighty youth force bring a tremendous change so that we can wake up in to a promising tomorrow!

Bowing down to the tireless and determined young WARRIORS who have turned the eyes of the entire nation upon the State for this cause!


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