Grab your bag. Go solo. Now!

Travelling alone is the in-thing now! Aren’t you amazed to know that the percentage of women travelling alone with a back pack is shooting up these days? Yay! Already many women have started living their dreams! 

“But why should you travel solo while you have a bunch of adorable friends, a beautiful family or a wonderful partner to journey together? Won’t it be strange and mind-numbing?” will be the questions that goes over one’s head who haven’t done this yet. I pity you if you ask such questions buddy, for still you haven’t tasted the reward of self discovery.

Travelling solo widens your soul and expands your happiness. I guarantee that.  When I first did my solo trip recently, I was so thrilled about it. I was so excited that I am going to spend much personal time with me alone. Going with the flow, won’t be suitable in life always. Sometimes you need to swim against the tide and do a little of soul searching. That way, my back pack trip gave me time to unfold my mind and forget the pain that life had thrown up on me.

Few days before ileostomy + muscle flap surgery for my RVF repair, I was infused with dreadful chills. Though that was about to be my 7th surgery, still fear and painful thoughts were impartially immense. I was worried about my lifestyle challenges after the surgery. The fear started enveloping me trying to invade and consume me entirely. Some disturbed thoughts kept encircling me and made me feel encumbered and entangled. I failed at all my attempts to put myself at ease. There arised a need for me to feed my soul with something vigour and revitalizing. That was the time I picked up this wish of travelling solo from my bucket list and turned it real.

I packed up for a day out to Pondicherry alone, for the first time ever in my life. I felt I needed some time to renew myself by indulging with myself alone. I could speak volumes about my experience. But to tell you the long story short, it helped me to let off the steam and feel unburdened.

Boat ride in chunnambar, sand walking in Paradise beach, the divine calmness after manakula vinayagar temple and aurobindo ashram visit and watching the sunset while munching cheese pop corn sitting by the sea side casted a magic spell on me. I had never felt better like that before. The solo trip pulsated me and zoomed up my spirits again.

Buddy, I would recommend you to get revived up and gain another layer of confidence by doing a solo trip if you are really in some knots. If you are studying hard, feeling lost after a breakup, wired with work pressure or even if you are in any other emotional grief, travelling alone will give you some healing by helping you to rediscover yourself. Solo trip will definitely upbeat your mood and gift you some ever green memories of self accomplishment.

Now I am done with my surgery and waiting for my recovery. Though I experience painful days now, still I have a hangover of my trip and that’s the thing which brings smile on the edge of my mouth.

Travelling alone is the best gift that you can give yourself. Unwrap it soon!”

Grab your bag. Go solo. Now



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