Tell a baby why it was born…!

Baby, the moment you were put on this giant ball of dirt moving through the space is perhaps the moment you got every right to question me ‘why I brought you here.’

I celebrate your birth my dear baby and of course, I wish to be convinced that you’re  jubilant for being born here too. Aren’t you?

And so baby, here I go telling you why were you born!

You are born to be unique my munchkin..mark my words, there is no duplicate “you” in this whole wide world and there wil never be.. Out of three million sperms, you made it baby!

You are born to show you have a genetic blueprint, my buttercream. You are also here to amaze us  by resembling personalities of our family members. Baby, don’t stop to inspire us by bringing those late ancestors to life again with your specific moves and mannerisms. You are born to make your grandpa see his soulmate taking another tiny form!

Remember the moment you identified my face for the first time and you giggled soulfully as if you succeeded something? Baby, you are born to cherish so many such moments of self accomplishments that make you feel good about yourself. You are born to discover happiness in every fundamental victories you embrace baby!

Sugar candy, You were born for a purpose. You ask me what the purpose is? Well, like many of us do, Chase it baby, I can’t tell you that now, the journey of life will reveal you the path to proceed. Believe me baby, you’re born to find what fulfills you!

Forget about schooling, board exams, results, IIT, medicine or cracking such other competitive exams. By the virtue of birth, you too have joined the ongoing race which you can’t escape. But baby, you were born to make a career of your own choice. Not just a job or an occupation, you are here to show people the bliss of pursuing your determined passion. You’re here to show choosing your career is absolutely an emotional experience. Honeybee, you’re born to teach people how to keep that fire in the belly alive!

There is a reason for your birth everytime when you help some homeless people. You are born to feed the needy baby!

There is a cause for your birth whenever you put people around you in laughter. You are born to spread positivity wherever you are baby!

There is a purpose of your birth whenever you wipe the tearing eyes and infuse a spark of motivation. You are born to make others life infinitely better, my baby!

Baby, when you grow up talking all shitty things to your boyfriends and enjoying all rubbish fun, finally when you find that special person who says “I can’t even imagine to live without you” you will understand the deeper reason of ur birth. You are born to love and to be loved, oh my lovable baby!

And when you realize, the world can’t be the same without you, you would have already discovered your purpose. You are to born to win and inspire many winning minds baby!

Our globe is warming, glaciers are melting, forests are depleting, soils are eroding and water levels are falling. Even in the midst of this disarray, you are born as a hope baby. Hope to miraculously nurture the planet earth!

But Baby, don’t forget, some days will come to you telling that purpose of life is nagging and it’s a perplexing dilemma. You may be forced to circumstances of sorrows, despair and adversity after adversities.You can even suffer with frustrations and traumas. And by that time, you’ll also come to know the fables of people who have even ended their life without able to survive all this exhausting and never ending dramatic pressure. But baby, remember, those who had quit had been only focussing on those temporary obstacles without believing the purpose of human existence. But, you’re born to withstand all the stress and feed off it to die itself. You’re born to show people that you can bloom amidst the storms, baby!

You may become a billionaire, tycoon or don’t know, you may even struggle to win your everyday bread.  But baby, remember pounding pain or soulful bliss, whatever it is, you’re are born to celebrate the festival of life, for life will never be the same baby!

Still if you have more questions, you’re born to relax and unlock the answers by yourself by taking an inner journey to know your purpose of life, my sweet baby. You’re born to understand there is more to life, than you know baby!

“Baby, You can cherish the gift of your life only when you realize how much worth you add to it.- Mom.”

– Charvi Joy



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